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Why should you use a POS system?

Lets discuss POS system

What really is a Point of Sale (POS) System?

A point of sale (POS) is a system that is used for transactions between customers and businesses. It also keeps track of inventory quantity, pricing very accurately. A POS system can differ in terms of look with different businesses. From beauty salons to boutique shops, every business has its own version of POS. There are also different types of POS systems, such as…

Get a POS system without breaking the bank

POS transaction

All-In-One POS System

POS systems can give you a very convenient all-in-one functionality. You don’t only get to accept payments, but rather a report in all its detail of your business.
A POS system also does a really good job sorting out customer data quickly and efficiently. You can get a custom made POS system for your own specific needs. For example, a POS system in a restaurant can react and appear differently than that of a dollar store.
The only drawback there might be that some of these systems can cost a good amount of money each month. However, you can also go for other versions of POS systems within budget.

Cloud-Based POS System

This type of POS systems can be used on any device as these are basically mobile apps. Many businesses benefit from these types of systems like restaurants offering table-side checkouts, stores that offer mobile checkout throughout their store, etc.
Businesses that want to use devices such as tablets or smartphones to accept payments, should get a cloud-based POS.

Mobile POS system

A mobile POS system can be very beneficial to certain businesses. For example, restaurants which have table side check-ins, large stores with multiple payment locations, roadside vendors, etc. Mobile POS systems are also cloud-based. Therefor, mobile POS can be a great solution for businesses processing both online and in-person transactions.

Why should you use POS software?

Here’s why:

Time Saver

What is more valuable than time? Thus, this easily tops the benefit list. Standing in a queue for a long time is a no-go for many consumers, especially in a busy world like now-a-days. A POS cuts off that unnecessary delay that comes with manual methods of billing.
It is as simple as scanning the product and taking the payment and collecting the receipt.

Take businesses anywhere

Taking your business anywhere you go is no longer an imagination. Cloud-based POS allows you to access your sales data through any portable device from anywhere.
Imagine how convenient it is to be able to monitor your ongoing transactions, inventory and sales data without having to come to the store.

Inventory Management

A POS system with has the ability to collate your stock inventory data regardless of the size of your store. It can also show real-time inventory updates. You can add all the products to the database only by scanning them. Accordingly, product quantity changes by scanning outgoing product. You can easily keep track of products that are short without having to do the job manually.

Maintain Multiple Store with consistancy

Managing multiple stores across different locations is challenging. In such a case, POS software is highly beneficial. A big issue can be maintaining price consistency. A POS system can tackle any inconsistency issue across stores with the help of a similar product database. You can also access the database of a specific store and make necessary decisions regarding inventory, prices, discounts, etc.

Employee Management

Keeping a track of employee sales record greatly helps a business to take necessary means to increase sales. You can look into your POS system to find out the monthly sales of any employee. A POS system can also be helpful for employees to manage their own sales statistics. Therefor, it is essential to have POS software with employee management to keep track of your progress.

Increases Customer Satisfaction

Constant manual work leads to exhaustion in both the physical and mental state of being. If staff members are manually memorizing prices, names, sizes, quantities etc, no surprise if it results in average customer service. A POS can reduce such burden and help them focus on customers more. Which should result in satisfied loyal customers.

Satisfied customer

To conclude

In a busy era like this, if you want to opt for your best growth potential POS software offers you multiple less things to worry about. Large or small, you should definitely get a POS software to run your business more efficiently.

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Advantages of web based software

What is a “Web Based Software”?

Web based software is an application that runs on a computer connected to the Internet, while users connect to it from their computers/mobile devices through internet browser. It is used by consumers and businesses alike webmail, social networking sites and online shops are used by most of us. Business services are also very popular: from super shops to online collaboration, accounting and CRM.

Compared to desktop software, web based applications provide a whole range of business benefits. Instead of having to individually install on each device that you wish to access it from, these applications can be accessed through any computer using internet. The use of web based application is commonly called “Software as a Service (SaaS)”; where apps run on a virtual, cloud-based environment; for example, the introduction of cloud based email platforms has enabled users to access email on the go without installing a desktop email client. SaaS applications deliver tangible business benefits over pre installed software.

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How is it beneficial?

I hear you ask

Here’s how

Web Based Software is Customizable:

Content within web based software can be easily customized for use on various devices, such as mobile devices, which makes the software user-friendly and fairly easy to use since the display of information can be altered accordingly. In fact, it is actually easier to customize web based application than it is for standard desktop software. Web based software can also be responsive to change based on the browser. This supports mobile working and also ensures employees have the software at their reach on demand.

It’s very Flexible:

Web based application is far greater in terms of flexibility with other systems than desktop software. Compared to web based applications localized software is isolated. It’s because web applications can be linked together more easily than two completely separate systems.

Web Based Software is Easier to Maintain:

Deploying SaaS applications is a simple process to roll out across the business. Once access is granted the software is installed onto the host server. Whenever there is an upgrade it can be applied through the host server without the need to upgrade every device individually . This means upgrades or new software are implemented more easily and maintenance can be carried out through a central point. Changes become time efficient and the system becomes consistent.

More Scalability:

YES! Just like upgrades, it is also simple to increase the application’s capacity to grow with your business. Web based application can facilitate it, should you require more processes to happen simultaneously. In addition, if issues occur, complete server replacement can be done without any effect on the operating system. This decreases any downtime that you may experience otherwise.

Protected Data:

Web based software offer a well secured way of accessing centralized data. Only the person/team in charge will have the direct access to the servers. The use of cloud computing makes it easy to fully replicate the servers to prevent any downtime as a result of a disaster. This avoids the need of maintaining security of each and every device using the software. Overall, the risk of unauthorized access is reduced and putting security measures in place is simpler, since it is done centrally.

Web based applications could offer a range of benefits to your business. The easy initial development and growth make them worthwhile to manage, as well as providing flexible working to your employees.

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